Privacy Notice


How We Use Your Information

Updated October 2018


This Privacy Notice is to help you understand how and why we collect personal information about you and what we do with that information. It also explains the decisions that you can make about your own information.

About Us

Our Scout Group, 1st Cobham Scout Group (the “Group” or “we”) is a youth charity. Our mission is to actively engage and support young people (our “members”) in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. We are incorporated by Royal Charter and operate under the rules of the UK Scout Association (the “Association”) (see for more information).

Our Group Executive Committee is the “data controller” for the information we collect from you. Any personal data that we collect will only be used by us in relation to the work we do with our members and their parents/legal guardians and through our relationship with supporters, donors and funders.

What is personal information?

Personal information relates to a living individual who can be identified from that data. Identification can be by the information alone or in conjunction with any other information in our possession or likely to come into our possession. This includes contact details, next of kin and photographs. The processing of personal information is governed by General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”)

What type of personal information do we collect and why?

Members and volunteers 

Most of the personal information (including sensitive personal information such as medical information and race) we hold is provided to us directly by our members, or by their parents / legal guardians, in either paper form or via our online membership systems.

In the case of an adult member, data may also be provided by third party reference agencies, such as the Disclosure and Barring Service (“DBS”).

We also hold personal information on adults who are not members or parents / legal guardians of members, in circumstances where the adult voluntarily assists the Group (e.g. in fundraising initiatives) or where the adult wishes to receive information about the Group.

Where a member is under the age of 18, this information will only be obtained from a parent / legal guardian and cannot be provided by the young person.

We believe it is important to be open and transparent about how we will use your personal data. We use this information to communicate with you and to carry out our obligations. We also have a responsibility to keep information about you, both during your membership and afterwards (due to our safeguarding responsibilities and to help us if you leave or re-join).

Information we may hold about you includes the following: 

  • name and contact details
  • age/date of birth
  • length and periods of service (and absence from service)
  • details of Scouting events and activities you have taken part in
  • details of next of kin
  • details of any health conditions
  • details of training you receive
  • details of your experience, qualifications, occupation, skills and any awards you have received
  • details of disclosure checks
  • any complaints we have received about the member
  • race or ethnic background and native languages
  • religion
  • nationality
  • photographs or video footage from Scout events

Media taken and controlled by the Group may be published on our own website, newsletter or posted on our noticeboards. Occasionally we may forward photographs to other scouting media outlets or to the local press. We will only use images to publicise Scouting related events. Where we publish media, we will take care to ensure that full names are not included in the related article or caption.


We benefit from donations from members of the public who support our work, and we hold personal data about these donors so that we can process donations and orders and tell donors about our work and campaigns and how they can support us further. We may hold the type of information as set out in above. 

What conditions apply to the collection of personal information?

We only use your personal information where that is permitted by the laws that protect your privacy rights.

To achieve this, we must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • consent from the individual has been received (or the parent / guardian of the individual, in the case of a child);
  • processing is necessary to protect your vital interests (e.g. allergies or medical requirements);
  • processing is necessary for the Group’s legitimate interests unless there is a good reason to protect the individual’s personal data which overrides the Group’s legitimate interests; 
  • processing is necessary for tasks in the public interest or for us as the data controller to carry out our responsibilities; or
  • the processing is necessary to comply with our legal obligations.

Also, information must be: 

  • processed fairly and lawfully;
  • collected for specified, clear and legitimate purposes;
  • adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary;
  • accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date;
  • kept for no longer than is necessary; and
  • processed securely.

Website Visitors 

When you visit or interact with our website, services, tools or messaging, we or our authorised service providers may use cookies or other similar technologies to make your experience better, faster and safer and to allow us to continuously improve our website, services, applications and tools. Please review our Cookie Policy for more information about the use of cookies.

Privacy Notice (continued)


When would we share personal information?

We will only normally share personal information within our Group between leaders and certain of our Group executive members. It is, however, common for a section leader to communicate electronically with all parents/guardians in his/her section, which means your e-mail address may be visible to the other parents/guardians.

We may need to share your personal data within appropriate levels of the Association and with local Scouting, if this is necessary and directly related to your role within Scouting. 

We do not share personal data with companies, organisations and people outside the Association, unless one of the following applies:

  • we have clear permission from you to do so;
  • we have to supply information to others for processing (e.g., when required to obtain DBS clearances, “Atlantic Data” acts as the intermediary for passing data to and from the DBS); 
  • for safeguarding young people or for other legal reasons; or
  • there is a legitimate interest to do so (e.g., to nominate a member for a national award; to obtain or maintain insurance coverage, manage risks or obtain      professional advice; to diagnose problems with and identify any errors, or needed enhancements to our website).

We will only share your personal information to the extent needed. Whenever possible, we will take steps to anonymise the data we provide.We will always obtain assurance that parties with whom we share personal information comply with GDPR and have appropriate confidentiality and security measures in place.

If you move from our Group, to another Scout Group or Explorer Scout Unit we will transfer your personal information to them.

We will never sell your personal information to any third party for the purposes of marketing.

The Group will not transfer your personal information outside of the EU, with the exception where an event is taking place outside of the EU and it is necessary to provide personal information to comply with our legal obligations, although generally such an event will have its own data collection form which will be securely held and disposed of after the event. Certain third-party data processors may store data on servers hosted outside the EU.

How do we store your personal information and keep it secure?

We are committed to the protection of your personal information. We have policies and procedures in place to safeguard your personal data secure and protected against unlawful or unauthorised processing and accidental loss or damage. We will regularly evaluate and test the effectiveness of those safeguards to ensure security of our Processing of Personal Data.

Digital Databases

We predominantly use two digital online database systems (described below) to store personal information, where access to that data is restricted to a limited number of leaders and officers. The data is also encrypted.

  • Compass: an online membership system of The Scout Association. This system is used for the collection and storage of adult personal data.
  • Online Scout Manager: an online membership system run by Online Youth Manager Ltd. This is a secure membership database where we store the personal information of adults and youth members for the day to day running of the Group and activities.

Paper Forms

Paper forms may still be used to capture personal information. This may include membership registration, event registration and gift aid collection. Whenever paper is used, we will ensure:

  • the transfer of paper is secure, such as physical hand to hand transfer;
  • paper forms are securely destroyed after use; and 
  • if transferred to somebody, we will require that they destroy or return the papers once the event is complete.

How long do we keep your personal data?

Subject to the below, we will retain your personal information throughout the time you/your child is a member of the 


Personal information on children who are on the waiting list but do not join the Group will be deleted within two months of it becoming clear they will not be joining the Group.

For a period of one year after you have left the Group, we will retain your personal information in full. After one year, we will retain your name, badge and attendance records) for a period of up to 7 years (or until the age 21) to fulfil our legal obligations for insurance and legal claims.

If you have consented for photographs or media to be taken, we may retain this data indefinitely. You may, however, inform us in writing at any time that you would like to rescind or limit the consent.

We will also keep any Gift Aid information and accounting records for the statutory seven years as required by HMRC (which may be beyond age 21).

For adults who have asked to be kept informed about the Group (including being notified of fundraising events), we will keep your personal data until you ask us to stop doing so.

What decisions can you make about your information?

From May 2018, data protection legislation gives you a number of rights regarding your information. Some of these are new rights whilst others build on your existing rights. Your rights are as follows:

  • The right to be informed: you have a right to know how your data will be used by our Scout Group.
  • The right to access your personal data: you can ask us to share with you the data we hold about you or your child(ren).
  • The right to rectification: you can ask us to update your data if it’s inaccurate or if something is missing.
  • The right to erasure: you have the right to request that we delete any personal data we hold about you or your child(ren), unless we need to hold the information for legal reasons. However, some information is essential if we are to safeguard you or your child(ren)’s interests: for example, having parental contact information and medical information if your child(ren) are undertaking scouting activities.
  • The right to restrict processing: if you think there’s something wrong with the data being held about you, or you aren’t sure if we are complying to rules, you can restrict any further use of your data until the problem is resolved.
  • The right to data portability: this means that if you ask us we will have to share your data with you in a way that can be read digitally – such as a pdf. This makes it easier to share information with others.
  • The right to object: you can object to the ways your data is used. This will make it easier for you to avoid unwanted marketing communications and spam from third parties.
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling: this protects you in cases where decisions are being made about you based entirely on automated processes rather than a human input. Please note that we do not make decisions based on automated or profiling means.

All of these rights are free to exercise at any time. Please contact us if you wish to discuss or review the information we hold about you and/or your child(ren). 

Other Information

Changes to this notice: from time to time, we may revise this Privacy Notice. Updated versions will be available in the Scout Hut and our website. If we make any significant changes, we will draw attention to them.

Contact us: if you have any questions about this notice, please contact:

1st Cobham Scout Group 

111 Hogshill Lane

Cobham KT11 2AH